Follow These Skincare Rules For Radiant Skin

A model’s health must remain a top priority if they want a successful career. Stress, poor eating habits, fatigue and lack of exercise are all contributing factors to dull-looking skill. Below is a simple

The British Model Alliance has created a simplistic skincare routine to follow to help achieve radiant skin. Please remember that everyone’s skin type differs. Use these tips as a basic guideline, adding to it when and where you need to.


Cleansing your skin is vital. It should be done twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). Choose a cleanser that works with your skin type. Use warm water and scrub your face gently in circular motions. While cheaper cleansers may be tempting, the British Model Alliance strongly recommends opting for one of good quality. With the constant application of make-up paired with long working hours, a model’s skin goes through a lot. The better quality products you buy, the better condition your skin will be in.


There are conflicting opinions as to whether exfoliation should be done daily or only once per week. To find a balance, try exfoliating a couple times every week and analyse how your skin reacts. Exfoliation removes dirt which causes blocked pores. Furthermore, dead skin cells are removed to make your skin appear fresh.


While toner helps restore the skin’s natural PH balance, not all toners are the same. It’s best to avoid toners containing alcohol. These types of toners remove the skin’s natural oils causing dryness. When skin is dry, pores naturally secrete excess oils leading to breakouts and blemishes.


Moisturiser replenishes the skin, giving it added moisture after cleansing and dirty removal is done. Especially for models working and living in hot countries, wearing a moisturiser with SPF is an important step in ensuring healthy-looking skin. However, a moisturiser containing SPF should not be applied at night. Taking the time to properly moisturise reduces already existing wrinkles and aids in the prevention of additional ones from appearing.

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