6 Easy Steps For Making Ethical Purchases

The current pace of the fashion industry makes it extremely easy to keep up with the latest trends. As the practice of fast fashion thrives, consumers are able to purchase a new wardrobe at a low cost for every fashion season and sub-season. 

But behind the scenes landfills are overflowing and natural resources are being used up at an incredibly fast rate. In an effort to combat these issues, the British Model Alliance has a few suggestions of ways to purchase more ethically. 

1. When shopping online, first consider the existing items in your wardrobe. Is what you’re about to purchase something you truly need?

2. Is the item you’re purchasing similar to anything else you have in your closet? If so, is this new item a necessity? 

3. What is the product’s quality like? Will it last for a couple of years?

4. What types of practices does the retailer utilise? Is their production process ethical?

5. Is it possible for you to purchase a similar item at a slightly higher cost if it means the item will last longer? 

6. If you decide to purchase the item and it does not fit, be sure to return it within the time frame to ensure it doesn’t remain unused in your closet.

At the British Model Alliance, we’re extremely passionate about ethical fashion and the fair treatment of those within the industry. Interested in finding out more? Take a look at some of our other articles under our advice section on our homepage. 

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