Find Out How To Take Your Measurements

One of the first things you need to know when getting into modelling is understanding of your body type. When considering the category of modelling you want to do, knowing your body type and your measurements can really help your chances of becoming successful in the long run. It is important to take precise measurements of your body, for example: Waist, hips, shoulders, so that you are aware of your body type and can therefore attend the appropriate castings. At first, ensuring that you take the correct measurements can seem difficult for some, which is why British Model Alliance have created a few simple guidelines to make this a whole lot easier.

When taking body measurements it is required to use a flexible body measuring tape which can easily be wrapped around any body part. This will allow you to get the most accurate reading possible. It is also essential that you wear tight fitted or thin clothing which won’t affect the accuracy of the measurements. For some people, taking off their over garments proves to be the best way to get perfect results, although for others this isn’t necessary. It’s entirely up to preference; the goal here is to determine your body shape in the most natural way possible which means recording natural results! Agencies or clients will most certainly be able to tell if you provide the incorrect measurements. Providing false measurements is seen as looking unprofessional and could have a negative impact on future opportunities.

The most common body measurements asked for by agencies are bust, waist and hips, although knowing your shoulder measurements is a good thing to be aware of just in case. Being able to provide these details on the top of your head will portray you as professional.


To measure your shoulders, you must first keep your back straight and shoulder relaxed. Begin by measuring the tape starting at one side of the shoulder and taking it over to the other side of the shoulder keeping the tape as straight as possible. The tape should be parallel to the floor. To read the measurement, without moving your shoulders, turn your head over slightly to read the reading. 


To measure your bust, start by wrapping the measurement tape first around your bust and all the way around your back until the tape reaches where it started. Where the two ends meet is the reading for measuring your bust.


In order to get an accurate measurement of your waist you need to wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your waistline which is known as the natural waist. The natural waist always sits above your belly button and sits just below your rib cage. You should start by taking the measurement by holding the beginning end of the tape, then wrapping it around your back and then bringing it right around to meet with the other end of the tape. The final number that reads on the end of the tape will be your waistline measurement. Although it may be tempting, always remember to keep your stomach relaxed and do not measure too tightly as doing so can prevent you from getting an accurate measurement. British Model Alliance encourages models not to suck in too much or hold their breath when taking this reading.


When finding the correct measurement for your hips, ensure that feet are close together as you don’t want your legs to be spread apart. Always start from the back and bring the tape around the largest part of the bum and the widest part of the hips. When doing this, ensure that the tape is also parallel to the floor. 

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