How To Apply

If you’re new to the modelling industry, applying for agencies can seem quite daunting. For this reason, the British Model Alliance has a few tips on how to submit your photos to modelling agencies. 

(Professional pictures are NOT necessary to apply in the first instance Relax, do not smile nor pout. No body shots, baggy clothes or lots of make-up / hair styling either).

Suitable Agencies

While some agencies accept a range of models, the British Model Alliance stresses the importance of doing your research. If a high fashion model applies to an agencies dealing strictly with mature models, this mistake will not only waste the agency’s time, but also yours. Furthermore, new travels fast in the modelling and fashion industry. Not taking the time to see where you’re applying could give you a reputation in the industry of being careless. 

Relevant Information

Failing to submit all relevant information may lead to an agency not taking the time to adequately look over your application. Prior to submitting, the British Model Alliance wants all models to double and even triple check that they’ve supplied the agency with all requested information. Common information agencies demand are: 

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Measurements (be sure not to leave any stats out that the agency needs)
  • Location
  • Contact Information
  • Citizenship
  • Current Agency Representation, if applicable 

Photo Size

Check the size of your images before sending. If you’re sending them via email, ensure they are not too large. Agencies are constantly busy looking for new faces. If your photos take too long to load, they may disregard your application. Secondly, do not send your photos in a zip file. Agents prefer having photos being visible as soon as. 

Addressing Individuals

Similarly to when you’re applying to other jobs, the British Model Alliance recommend doing your research to see who you’re sending your application to. Agents love when potential modelling clients take the time to research the agent’s personal name. It gives them the message that you’re meticulous to detail and truly want to work with them. 

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