How To Collaborate With A Photographer

Having an up-to-date portfolio meeting industry standard should a high priority for any model, no matter their experience. There are various methods models can go about building their portfolio. Many photography companies around the country are happy to assistant in updating a model’s portfolio. Studios offer a range of portfolios to suit budgets in order to cater to every model’s individual needs. 

However, collaborating with photographers is also a great way to build your portfolio and network within the industry. Particularly for those just starting out, finding other creatives within the industry to work with builds your portfolio and theirs. There are many websites advertising modelling jobs for new and experienced models. However, he British Model Alliance wants all models to take caution before contacting individuals to collaborate with, especially if contacting individuals through websites like Gumtree. 

Once you establish where to look for photographers, the British Model Alliance recommends look through their work carefully prior to scheduling a collaboration. This is to ensure you work with a photographer whose style matches yours and one you’re comfortable with executing. 

Following your photoshoot, work with your photographer to choose the best photograph(s) for your portfolio. Analyse your adaptability and decide which images best represent your strengths as a model. Photographers typically retouch images for their clients, but the British Model Alliance recommends discussing this with your photographer beforehand. 

Furthermore, the British Model Alliance stresses the importance of signing a model release form prior to the shoot. This is a document used to protect photographers and models from any liability and licensing claims. It establishes as to whether or not photographers can use the images promotionally or sell the commercially. 

StarNow is a legitimate website many industry workers use to find paid and unpaid work. 

No matter how you choose to build your portfolio, the British Model Alliance urges models to ensure  that all photos are high-quality, industry-standard and portray a strong sense of versatility. 

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