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The modelling industry has changed drastically over the years. Gone are the days of modelling success reserved only for the young, thin, tall and classically beautiful. The industry’s evolution has made it possible for individuals of varying body shapes and sizes to achieve modelling success.

The growth of modelling categories has lead to the birth of various types of modelling agencies. From petite to catwalk modelling, below are the popular categories of modelling agencies as explained by the experts at British Model Alliance.

High Fashion

High fashion agencies are strictly for those in the elite section of modelling. Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss are the types of models high fashion agencies work with. In order to sign with a high fashion agency, models must meet strict physical requirements. Female models must be at least 5′ 9” while male models must be 6′ 0”. High fashion models are also required to have smaller waists and be physically fit in order to fit into the smaller clothing sizes and are relatively young. In terms of work, high fashion modelling agencies book their clients for catwalks and editorial shoots for brands like Dior and Gucci. Agencies like Storm and IMG are examples of high fashion modelling agencies.


Commercial modelling is the category in which the majority of models fall under. It can range from magazine to television advertisements. As commercial modelling is a large modelling sector, models of all ages, sizes and shapes can find work with commercial modelling agencies. Wilhelmina Models is classified as a commercial modelling agency.


While petite modelling is gaining in popularity, only certain agencies specialise in it. Petite modelling agencies accept models who do not meet height requirements in other modelling sectors. These agencies find different types of work for petite models ranging from swimwear to magazine advertisements. Base Models is an agency helping to find petite models work.

Plus Size

Plus size modelling is another category which has grown in popularity throughout the years. In the past, there were only certain agencies who specialised in plus size modelling. However, with the increasing demand of plus size models, more agencies who originally specialised in high fashion or commercial modelling are beginning to open their doors to plus size models. IPM Management in America is an excellent example of a modelling agency who concentrate on plus size modelling.


As the demand for male models continues to increase, so has the number of modelling agencies for. Typically, agencies, like Select Model agency, who sign male models also have a large number of female clients. Male modelling agencies, depending on the company, have varying criteria for their models. Some accept mature models while others specialise in those for the catwalk.


While there are many child models in the industry, it’s uncommon for an agency to solely represent them. Modelling agencies, like Wilhelmina, sign male, female and child models. Unlike other sectors of the industry, child modelling does not require models to meet specific body, age and height requirements. It’s important for parents to conduct thorough research before signing their child to a modelling agency to ensure that their child is properly represented.


One of the most difficult modelling sectors to find success in, apart from high fashion, is fitness modelling. Fitness models are required to meet extreme body requirements in order to be classified as a fitness model. It’s vital they follow a strict diet and exercise regime to ensure their bodies remain in excellent physical condition. Source Models and W Model Management are some London-based agencies who accept fitness models.


One of the fantastic characteristics of the fashion industry is its ability to continue changing with the times. Agencies are now starting to accept transgender models as there’s a growing demand for them in various modelling sectors. Even high fashion agencies now accept transgender models, like Andreja Pejic.

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