Our organisation was founded on the principle that everyone, no matter their skill set or career path within the industry, deserves the right to express their opinions and experiences. We aim to help individuals discover their greatest potential in order to achieve the highest chances of success. From uncovering modelling scams to promoting sustainable fashion designers, we are here to issue guidance, advice and support to everyone in the creative industry.

From sustainable fashion to the laws of child modelling, the British Model Alliance provides relevant, up-to-date advice for models with the intention of making the fashion industry as transparent as possible.

We strongly believe that in order to change the industry, we must first target the problems residing there. It’s our duty to ensure everyone working within the industry has a voice and is able to speak it loudly. We advocate for workers’ rights, sustainable practices and equal treatment. It is our goal to build a solid foundation in the industry in order for everyone to succeed.

The British Model Alliance is the voice for those who are too often seen and not heard.


We have been behind some of the UK’s leading modelling industry innovators for the last 12 years, we diligently serve our clients and models ensure the models are as committed to succeeding. As one of the UK’s largest modelling platform we provide links to models in order for the model to apply to agencies and get working within the industry as quickly and as effectively as possible we have a model network with in excess of 1100 contacts our role is give models links to agencies not find models jobs this will be your agencies responsibility .

Why opt for The British Model Alliance? We are a team of experts and professionals in the industry, and at Identity Management we endeavour to enhance your premier move into the world of modelling. We are a team of professional experts with an encompassing knowledge in the field which is utilised to offer free counsel on styling, the kind of modelling best suitable for you, including agencies as well as help in the packaging of your portfolio

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