Find Out About Child Performance Licensing

The British Model Alliance promotes fair treatment of all individuals working in the modelling and fashion industry. This includes child models.

For children working in the modelling industry, there are strict laws and regulations to ensure their safety. British Model Alliance has outlined these laws and regulations below. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to Child Performance Licensing Legislation.

The child performance licensing legislation targets:

  • Those enlisting children in paid modelling
  • Parents and carers of children in paid modelling
  •  Chaperones of children in paid modelling
  • Producers of performances involving children
  •  Local authorities
  • Magistrate’s courts

A license must be obtained prior to a child entering the modelling industry and taking part in paid work (excluding expenses). It’s to be noted that a license may also be required for child models partaking in unpaid work.

Applying for a License

For child models who are residents of Great Britain and partaking in performances located in Great Britain, a license application must be submitted to local authorities.

If a child’s residence is not in Great Britain, an application must be submitted to local authorities in the country of residence.

A license will only be granted if the conditions of the license have been met and the child’s education, health and wellbeing do not suffer.

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