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The emergence of modelling platforms has become extremely popular in recent years. However, with their growing popularity, many individuals looking to enter the modelling and entertainment industry are still unclear as to what exactly a modelling platform’s role entails. The following information is a detailed outline of what exactly modelling platforms are and what to expect from them in regards to your career. 

All too often, the word ‘scam’ is associated with modelling platforms. Scams occur when individuals are promised a certain product or service following payment and then not receiving what was promised as per their contract. But if modelling platforms are entirely legal and legitimate, why are they constantly connected to the term ‘scam’?

One of the first reasons modelling platforms receive a poor reputation comes down to the fact that those who are unfamiliar with the industry presume that modelling platforms are the same as modelling platforms. Though it may seem confusing at first, there is a distinct difference between the two. 

Modelling Platform

– Assess an individual’s modelling potential

– Carry out modelling test shoots

– Offer portfolio options to successful candidates

– Provide links to agencies 

– Receive no commission from clients

Modelling Agency

– Represent models within the industry

– Promote signed models

– Liaise with casting directors and book casting calls

– Source paid and unpaid work for clients

– Receive commission from a model’s earnings

Examples of modelling platforms around the UK include: 

London Fashion Models

Kiddy Models

UK Models

The Blue Rooms

GT Models

Luxe Models

Diamond Models

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